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PostSubject: PALADIN APPLIKATION (I DO BIG NUMBERS)   Sat May 22, 2010 3:54 am

Hello everyone I would like to make an apply for this guild. I heard a lot of gud stories about them Framed guild people so I wanted to take a shot and mabe join you for icc raids 4+ bosses and maybe more! I got achiv and I know taxx for kingslayer I can run from defile np np. But pls we need 5,7k gs in grup or we wont make it pls ok? else we wont make 4+ bosses or maybe more!

So my name is trezorier. some people prefer to call me trezorious or trez. Thats ok as long as I know who you are talking about and as long as you know who YOU ARE TALKING TOO, ALLRIGHTE? Well anyway im a good boy i play paladin because I like to play everything. I mean i like healing this week and then i prefer tank next week and maybe i can do some dps too because i have good skills to make high numbers. I make big numbers and you cannot deny them. Because they are so big. people sometimes say that ret paladin is bad. But i just think its badass.

now you can always find me in my favotire spot. it is on the eventide stairs because i like the breeze there. i have drawn a map so you know where you can find trezorious.

Well anyway my char is really good. I play this class all me life. I know all about cleanse so i can dispell np np, and if i go oom i can allways use my paladin invvervate but i forgot the name, buy you know. So i am a good pala and you shoulld pick me. I make big numbers no matter what i do.

So you can use me in this guild for all kinds of job. first of all i am really good at doing them raid buffs. I have pallypower so i can set it to buff you automaticly when i press my comma key. I KNOW RIGHT? its amazing what addons can do these days. I always carry a lot of symbol of kings so i am very very prepared before i go to raiding icc25 4+ bosses or more.

First i sho yuo how good i play holy. first its really important to always make big numbers. When i am raiding i use my holy spells. But its really imporant to make big numbers on the bosses so I use my holy shock on bosses. also use blessing of might for more autoattack as holy, because every number that appears on my screan is extra dps on the boss! Also my holy shock crit really good, and then my flash of light has no cast time! That is really good profit when healing! Check it out!

But sometimes when i heal i dont pay attention and step on a mine. but that is np either because i got parachute! so np!

Now that you know I can make big numbers on bosses and cast really good instant heals, maybe you should know about my tank skills. I have a shield so I can random harddungeons, np. I also got righteous fury so aggro is np. I also can sense undead for extra big numbers so np! see how much i can tank! i use blessing of kings because it gives me more mana, and seal of wisdom because i go oom if i do consecration! i also do consentration aura because then i do exorcism for extra threat, i dont get pushed back so much! very good thinking eh! i also do holy wrath in my rotation because undead dont like it so much, check out the numbers!

And beside really good tanking and healing i also have a 2 handed weapon. It is really good to make big numbers.

I use my blessing of wisdom because my spells make me go oom. I also use seal of light so I can just keep standing in fire because i can heal myself, very smart if you ask me. also I used wings so make very big numbers, as you can see i make a number over 1700 with berserk activated from my weapon! and it is not even a crit! And this is just a small demonstration of what i am capable of! Also the druid thinks he can play a good combo class but he knows he cant heal when he is in bear. So he starts hating when i am rolling. but thats is np i can live with that.

Now i hope i gave you good enough info to invite me to your guild! I make raelly good numbers, very good heals and i can tank very much undead mobbers, even if they are with many many numbers! it is np for me because i have a big shield.

also my gearscore is very very high! So I hope i can come clear with you in icc 4/12 i dont have achiv but you can inv because i know all the taxxx!

Also i have got some alts. I have a shaman who uses windfury on his weapon and makes really good numbers. i also have heroism to make the numbers pop up much faster! sometimes people get mad because they talk about me and something like Purge or wind shear. I dont know what their problem is, i think they just jealous because i make big number.

I also have dead knight. I wanted to name him deathknightdkcooltank before, but that name had too many characters. I then wanted to name him Arthasknight, but that was taken. So were lichgkingdk, deathknihgtg, and Knightoflk. So i just pick another name. I also dont know what spell hit cap is. But that is np I can just use death grip and then use my big numbers with my melee weapon!

I hope you get good impression and enough informations and whisper me ingame for more infos. Or please give me your name so i can ask you for an invite every 30 seceonds, ok? deal?

Now i hop i can come raid with this guild!! And maybe we can clear icc 4+ bosses or even more but req is 5,7k pls or else there will be noobs! i know taxx, remember that!

Bye, adious, cia (hahah i know also very much good language and i speak it very very well just as good as me english)

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PostSubject: Re: PALADIN APPLIKATION (I DO BIG NUMBERS)   Sat May 22, 2010 11:45 am

Watch my reaction post for application!! LOLZ!!
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PostSubject: Re: PALADIN APPLIKATION (I DO BIG NUMBERS)   Sat May 22, 2010 12:11 pm

Hi Trez

Your application will be considered by the officers, you will hear back from us soon.




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PostSubject: Re: PALADIN APPLIKATION (I DO BIG NUMBERS)   Sat May 22, 2010 3:02 pm

Dear trezorious. ty for your application we have tought long and hard and here is our answer
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